I'm an interaction designer, but that's OK!

My name is Petter Silfver, I live in Stockholm (Sweden) where I work as an Experience Design Director at R/GA. My days are filled with creative and inspiring projects and situations where I get the chance to improve peoples lives as they interact and experience technology.

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Photoshop Quick Fix Exporting

Skip the how-to and download the “Export single” action for Photoshop here. Everybody has their own flavor when it comes to exporting assets in Photoshop. I’m personally a sprite sheets kind of guy, but I’ve also been using Slicy from MacRabbit from time to time. No matter the method I use, there are always situations […]

Digital Designers, Please Stop History From Repeating Itself

1928 Jan Tschichold wrote a book called “The New Typography“. He partly wrote the book as a reaction to what he thought were the horrific typographic styles of the late 19th and early 20th century. Tschichold refuted the then reigning decorative conventions by manifesting rules for grids, proportions and composition of type and type-based design […]