1. Digital Designers, Please Stop History From Repeating Itself

    1928 Jan Tschichold wrote a book called “The New Typography“. He partly wrote the book as a reaction to what he thought were the horrific typographic styles of the late 19th and early 20th century. Tschichold refuted the then reigning decorative conventions by manifesting rules for grids, proportions and composition of type and type-based design […]

  2. Death to Hot Spots — Long Live Hot Spots!

    Every now and then, we might get tempted to use hot spots as an interaction paradigm in our designs – and why shouldn’t we? If executed right, hot spots can be just the right ingredient for communicating otherwise complex information about relationships and spatiality. Its biggest strength is of course how it can translate, map […]

  3. Apple’s 27 Guidelines for Mobile User Experience Design

    Sorry, but I have to stop you this very instant. If you are expecting to learn something new by reading this article, I am going to let you down big time. However, I do think you should bookmark this page and return to it from time to time and have a refill. A lot of […]

  4. Spotify Cleans House (But Not in the Way You Think)

    I’ve been wanting to write this short post for quite some time just to stress how much I love when big companies listen to their users. I wrote a blog post back in April regarding the iPhone tab bar that got some attention. In that post, I used the tab bar of Spotify for iPhone […]

  5. Windows Phone 7’s Application Bar Icons

    I attended a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP7) design seminar here in Stockholm last week, where two designers from the Microsoft design team gave a comprehensive insight to the rationales behind the Metro design language. Of course, you do not need a four hour presentation about Metro to understand that Microsoft has been greatly inspired […]

  6. Custom Segmented Controls for iPhone

    First of all, I need to warn all readers that the type of user-interface nerdery that is the subject of this short article might actually be unhealthy. It happens to be that I am currently working in an application project where we have been putting a lot of time polishing the visual details of a […]

  7. Wakify

    One morning a couple of months ago I woke up tired at the fact that the alarm clock on my iPhone plays the most boring tunes, and then it struck me: What if I could wake up to my favorite songs on Spotify? I did not feel that the idea was unique, but after some benchmarking […]

  8. The iPhone Tab Bar

    Over the last couple of years, the iPhone has greatly popularized the tab bar navigational model for mobile handsets. Apple has put together a design rationale for the tab bar in their Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) along with lots and lots of other information — they do however leave some question unanswered. Having worked with […]