Spotify Cleans House (But Not in the Way You Think)

Power to the user

by Petter Silfver Reading time 1 minutes

I’ve been wanting to write this short post for quite some time just to stress how much I love when big companies listen to their users. I wrote a blog post back in April regarding the iPhone tab bar that got some attention. In that post, I used the tab bar of Spotify for iPhone as an example of a small case of picture-word interference – in this case, Spotify illustrated the label “What’s new” with an icon portraying a house. Afterwards, I had a short Twitter discussion on the subject with Tobias Ahlin, UI designer at Spotify, but as time passed I simply forgot about it.

In August, Tobias tweeted me saying:

There’s an update for Spotify iPhone coming out later today that I think you will like… :)

Tobias Ahlin via Twitter

Later that day…

Spotify for iPhone’s tab bar back in April (left) and today (right)

Figure 1 — Spotify for iPhone’s tab bar back in April (left) and today (right)

… BAM – there it was! Spotify had actually gone and changed the house icon to one portraying a news paper magazine. Now, I’m not saying that my blog post was the sole reason to why Spotify changed the icon – they are an exceptionally talented and smart bunch and had most likely discussed the issue already – still, just the mere thought that I had some part in that change makes me smile every time I open the Spotify app. For that, I want to thank Tobias Ahlin and the Spotify design team!

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